If there’s one area of the home that most often calls for custom upgrades, it’s the kitchen. Whether you’ve purchased a new build or a previously-owned home, even well-designed spaces can be improved to better suit your needs. You don’t have to spend a fortune on renovations to create your dream kitchen – especially if your biggest problem is a lack of storage.

1. Install custom drawers in your cabinets.

The run-of-the-mill cabinetry featured in most kitchens, while attractive, usually lacks imagination. Luckily, installing pull-out drawers is a highly-customizable solution for most kitchens. The options are endless: from tiered pull-out spice racks, to rotating corner shelves, most of these additions can be sourced inexpensively and installed in an afternoon.

2. Add a wall mounted plate rack.

Dramatically boost the decor and funtionality of your kitchen with the addition of a plate rack. Not only will you add some peronalized charm to your walls and make space in your cabinets, you can show off the beautiful dishware that would otherwise be hidden away.

3. Consider a butcher-block island

Don’t have the space or budget to install a permanent kitchen island? Opt for a free-standing island instead. These days, you can find just about any size and design to match the feel of your kitchen – consider a butcher-block top as it can double as a food prep station, saving you space and elevating your entertaining potential.

Are you considering a kitchen upgrade? 

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