Moving can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be! The more prepared you are, the better. Getting rid of unwanted items before moving means less needs to be packed up. Follow these six steps to declutter your space and set your move up for success.

1. Start early!

Start sorting your unwanted items into “purge piles” before listing your home.

2. Set aside enough time.

Aim to spend an hour or two planning your purge, and an additional two or three hours per room to declutter and clean. Make sure to allocate time for outdoor spaces too. Outdoor play areas, sheds/workshops, and living spaces are often forgotten until the last minute.

3. Clean out your closets.

Set aside any clothes you haven’t worn in the last few years. If they’re in good condition, pass them on to your local donation centre!

4. Dig into storage rooms.

Don’t bring items that have been sitting in boxes for years to your new place, as they will just contribute to clutter.

5. Get rid of large items.

Do you have old/broken furniture or bulky items you don’t need? Get rid of them beforehand, so that you aren’t left with this extra task on moving day.

6. Haul it away! 

Once you’ve sorted your belongings call or visit and don’t forget to use the code ROYAL50 to save $50!